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Public service defines my life. As a Fire Captain, I lead a firefighting team working tirelessly on public safety. As an elected official these last six years, I have served on the Palomar Health Board, the largest health care district in California and a major regional employer. I know health care; my dedication on the Board extends to volunteering for Medical Corps. In the past, I served on the County Health Services Advisory Board and provided a link between the community and the San Diego Board of Supervisors.


I am a long-time San Diego County resident and I am running for the State Senate to bring a practical, independent, and spirited voice to Sacramento. My governing philosophy is to demand accountability and transparency of all public agencies.


Jeff Griffith’s priorities include: 1) Encouraging apprenticeships and job creation that provide middle class incomes; 2) Ensuring greater fire protection through workable public-private partnerships that address the issues of drought, a lengthening fire season, and increasing fuel density; 3) Focusing on quality, affordable health care for everyone. 4) Increasing access to behavioral health services while dealing more effectively with the opioid crisis; 5) Finding innovative ways to reverse the student debt crisis; and 6) Mitigating traffic congestion, especially as it affects emergency routes and the important urban-wildlife interface.


Vote Jeff Griffith for State Senate, the common sense choice who will serve the common good.


Committee to Elect Jeff Griffith
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